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We took a trip to Paris this summer. There was so much to love about France,
the utter Frenchness of it. We took the Eurostar from London and spent three
glorious days exploring Paris. I have to say that with all of the hype of French food,
I found street level French food to be very disappointing. Apparently you don't get
marvelous French food unless you are willing to spend about 75 Euros a plate.
(That's over a hundred dollars, folks.) But we LOVED the breakfasts in the brasseries
with the super fresh croissants and baguettes. mmmm...

Our last night in France, wary of yet another interesting dining experience, we found
our way to a recommended restaurant a few blocks away from the Eiffel Tower, where
President Obama had eaten during his trip to France. It was a nicer restaurant and we both
ordered steak. A thing to note is to always order your steak cooked more than you actually like.
I made the mistake of ordering medium in one restaurant, and the meat was very rare. After
talking to the waiter for a minute, we found out that Obama had ordered the beef too.
Aren't we the typical Americans?

Since we didn't really have much luck with French cuisine, I thought I'd post up a few
recipes that I have had and loved in other places around the world. Here's a big hint
to the French: food can taste good that isn't outrageously expensive.

Some good French food to try:
Click the links for the recipes.

  1. Chicken Vol Au Vent, a creamy tarragon flavored chicken filling a puff pastry.
  2. Boeuf Borgignon, a very traditional hearty beef stew
  3. Crepes, these can be filled with a number of fillings. I like them best sweet,
    with fruits or just butter and powdered sugar. Yum!